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Which of these things do you believe our kids don’t learn in school?

We believe the answer is actually (D) All of the above – and we set out to correct that by forming The ROI Kids Club!

I’m Richard Seppala, “The ROI Guy” – and I’ve teamed up with my wife, Dr. Lisa Seppala, to create a fun way for kids of all ages to develop their entrepreneurial skills. That begins with such simple projects such as lemonade stands and bake sales – and continues with setting up successful ongoing businesses (that will hopefully take care of us in our old age!).

Along the way, our ROI Kids will also learn that with prosperity comes responsibility – with the Official ROI Kids Club Cause being Clean Water for those around the world who desperately need it.

Teach your kids to help themselves – and help others – The ROI Kids Club way!



The ROI Kids Club teaches young entrepreneurs the power of the best ROI imaginable…the kind of Return on Investment that saves lives!

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Our program is designed to spark the entrepreneurial spirit in children and instill in them the values of charitable involvement.

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We value entrepreneurial growth in young children, responsibility/accountability and the importance of giving to those most in need.

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Vets On The Run

We Created the Non-Profit (pending 501c3) Roi Kids Foundation

with the
Strategic Mission to Help Rehabilitate Our Wounded Veterans.

You see, thanks to the amazing advancements of battlefield medicine, more of our warriors are returning safely home. However, there is a lag in how to help these warriors overcome the broad range of cognitive, emotional and physical complications they face upon their arrival home.
This is where it gets exciting…

Whitewater and the Military Experience

Whitewater and the Military Experience

Blind Experience - Travis

Blind Experience - Travis

Eric: Feelings and Emotions on the River

Eric: Feelings and Emotions on the River


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Tree of Life


The ROI Kids Foundation is honored to partner with the Tree of Life Foundation to help bring oneness, healing and togetherness to the world, one person at a time.

The Tree of Life Foundation was founded in 2012 by jewelry designer Scott Berger and his wife Marla. The tremendous amount of love and passion that went into creating this spiritual symbol of unity is truly where it comes to life. The jewelry collection was uniquely designed by the Berger’s to bring out and share the beauty in each person. The purpose of the foundation is to connect all of the people in our world as one—and finally growing together as the stars above.


Invest In Tomorrow's Future!


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Your charitable donation will impact not only the lives of our future entrepreneurs but the immediate lives of children around the globe that are in desperate need of clean water.

Teach your kids the value of getting the BEST ROI imaginable… the kind of Return on Investment that saves lives!

Your invaluable donation is greatly appreciated!



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